Friday, July 31, 2009

Practicin' mah Hangul

Hey ya'll, I'm just chillin and glad to be home! Not a whole lot has been goin on, just hanging with my friends who I've missed dearly for a month! Other than the usual, I bought a Korean vocab book trying to actually make an effort and learn some Korean before the Koreans get here. I really do want to keep to my comitments, and not just make lipservice promises to others or myself. That means learn Korean, and travel to all those places the UIP students were from!

So I was Facebook stalking (what, I'm reeeally bored) and saw on someone from High School's bumperstickers they had...And I was curious what it meant! With my primitive Korean skills, I was able to read "N(?)-(?)m-ma." With a lil' help from my new Korean book, i was able to decipher it into "Noh-ohm-ma." Which, with a little help from the online Korean keyboard website linked to here, I was able to plug into Babel Fish translator and find out it means "Your Mom." Haha, I can insult in Korean now! YES!

On top of that, the online korean keyboard website is working -- I had ALOT of trouble with it in Korea (ironically.) So I'm just going to randomly throw a bunch a junk on here!

앤드류 - "Andrew" (technically Endiryu - the closest thing.)
메그 - "Mike" (as I promised him on Facebook, technically May-ku)
게라 - "Kayla" (no errors.)
데냘 - "Danielle" (Day-NyaL, I like this better than the one I used on Facebook.)
발발라 - "Barbara" (Bar-bar-ra)

바락 오바마 - "Barack Obama"
힐러리 클린턴 - "Hillary Clinton"
규 헌 - "Kyuhun"
김 지훈 - "Kim Ji-Hoon" (My Korean name, ala Kyuhun.)
해운대 - "Haeundae" (Like the Beach, and the movie.)

Korean Words of the Day:
Table: "Tak-jah" ( 탁자 )
Chair: "Oo-jah" ( 의자 )

Remarkable Cultural Observation: Haha, oh the wonders of the internet.
"kkk" in Korean does not mean the Ku Klux Klan (an organization that does not exist there.) Rather, it is they're version of "lol" (or more closely HaHaHa) cause in Korean its kakaka. So Koreans posting on facebook pictures may post "kkkkkkk" it means they're laughing, not agreeing with anything.

And as for one more Korean language phenomenon, Wikipedia says that there was no Korean word for the time of month a woman is menstrating. So introducted English words were "Konglish"-ized and now May-jik-tah-eem (or "Magic Time") means it, based off of "Magic" brand feminine products. So a Korean learning English may refer to "Magic Time" to you and expect you to know what it means.

Quote of the Day: While I was playing Amanda's new "MyJapanese Coach" game for DS, I had to speak to it as it said something...
"Mokuyobi (Wednesday)"
"Mokuyobi" (in Italian accent, like it sounded.)
"Hey it's me, Mario!" - Amanda
"Hey, It's me, Mokuyobi!" *we crack up*

Song of the Day: "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior (Korean song.) The Korean students kareoke'd this a couple times, enough that I recognize it. Haha, I realized the other day it was on the CD of songs I asked Amanda to make for me that are popular in SoKo.

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