Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Pictures Please

Aww, I just saw another Seoul-pun as someone's blog title I liked! "Seoul'ed Out" TOTALLY would have fit for the last day. Kudos to them.

But what did we do more recently, oh, toured the Hyundai and SK-Oil major factories. They were HUGE! Like, the Hyundai factory was about the size of a city all its own. Hyundai heavy industries that is -- freighter building, uber-large sea ships. SK-Oil (or South Korean Oil) is a chemical factory and water reclamation center. It was sort of interesting, but mainly it was us being told not to take pictures.

At the first place, (or maybe the second?) they had a small museum dedicated to the Asan guy, who single handedly revitalized Koreas economy. The part of this that annoyed most of our group however? They had the SAME items on display at the other place!!! Ie: the "authentic" medal awarded by the Olympic Comission for running the Seoul Olympics, and some medal given to him by the Soviet Union for peace talks. As Alan put it, we all felt cheated. I'm going to use that as an excuse for not feeling guilty that after being reminded several times at both places, I TOOK LOTZA PICTURES BIOTCHES!!!!

My own personal word of the day:
Idiomaic (n.) - a language that frequently uses idioms, figures of speech, or colloquial metaphors. From root words Idiom and Aramaic. See also: Mom's language.

Korean word of the day:
Gwen-gwardi -- "Gong"
hamida (Haa-mee-daa) -- "is" (comes at the end of the sentence.)

Song of the Day: Love, Sex, Magic by Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake. I encounter alot of American songs (often old, or random semi-old) like I heard Destiny's Child "Survivor" the other day passing a store. L&S&M was playing at WaBar the other day tho. (Wabar is a combination of a Korean word meaning western, Waba, and Bar. It seems to be a place westerns gather in So Ko, in particular me and the Canadians.)

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