Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm in Seoul, but I'm not a Soldier...

So the last four days were a blast! Field tripped to the Capital of South Korea, Seoul -- where 50% of the S.Korean population lives! 10 and a half million people in one city, craziness. After the 5 hour bus ride (where many of us slept) we had fun at Korea's largest theme park - Everland! A Disney-world like place, with cartoon creatures walking around (from no particular story, just fairy tales in general it seemed.) We rode the "T-Express", the steepest wooden rollar coaster in the world! And there was an epcot-style building that had creeeeeepy dolls representing many of the worlds interesting-er countries. America was represented primarily as a football stadium with a new york dance show built into it. It was actually fun to watch every country's people with us go "that's not what _____ is like at all..." like Julia and Germany, or the Japanese students. But as someone who likes flags and foreign cultures, I found it entertaining -- and it was air conditioned!

Bought a couple souveniers, not as many as I'd liked but at this point I was running low on money. :( ERRR, 5/3rd bank was being annoying and cut off my access to my money this past week so I've been stressed about being out of cash. But all is good in the world now and I FIIIIINally got it settled. There are also various approching deadlines that are starting to bug me I need to deal with, but I'm going to enjoy this trip and those come second!

Staying in the Seoul Youth Hostel was a ton of fun! I want to stay in Hostels more often!!! From the Hostel you could see Seoul tower, so one night me and Julia decided to make the trek up. Took a couple of hours to go and come back, and we had to climb 1.8 kilometers up of stairs x_X but it was cool and alot of fun thing to do in the middle of the night.

We'd end up spending alot of time in malls and shopping centers looking for souvenirs and shopping, Korea is unfortunaly not known for its mens clothing which is mainly the same 3 boring designs. Boring polos with giant logos, boring t-shirts with English writing, or i dunno something else I felt I could find in America. I did find one button-up shirt I liked though, after the lady did her little pitch trying to get me to buy it (worked.) We'll have to see how it looks I guess. Double collar, oh-oh!

Quotes of the Day:
"It's so hot, I'm tempted to streak across [the President of Korea's front yard...]" - Judith
"See it on the news, Black Girl runs naked across President's lawn!..." - James
"Really!? Who!?" - Judith, serious. (lol!)

(Re: Ugly braclet) "It's .... different. But in a good way!" - Julia, later said about alot of things by all of us.

"Ugggh! This is so spicy! Isn't it hot!?" - Judith, re: Mexican place burrito
Me: "It's average I think, no spicier than the Korean food..."
Danielle: "I think this needs some hot sauce..." *puts on hot sauce*
Judith: "THAT'S HOT SAUCE!?" *we realize she put a ton of it on her burrito and proceed to laugh*

Korean phrases:
Miahn hamnida - I'm sorry

Yay for making new friends from other countries :D

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