Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Sick

Some of our group is unfortunately starting to get homesick, as the study abroad advisers invariably warned of. I am not quite there yet, but I expect I will be by the end of the week. I am still of the impression this is one of the greatest experiences of my life -- and it has been -- and I don't want it to end! It's like summer camp, but instead of learning to make fires and identify leaves, I'm learning about foreign cultures and traveling a bunch! AHHH! I LOVE IT n.n

I love it so much I'm already brainstorming my next trip! After staying in the Youth Hostel in Seoul, they are (often) an affordable alternative to hotels and they cover the globe! I'm thinking Europe should be my next destination, in particular the scandenavian countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland. Or maybe the Czech Republic to find the home of a majority of my ancestors. I've also been invited to visit new found friends in Canada, Germany, and China. And I've been advised not to come to some places we have people from simply because they are so boring and there's nothing to do there, lol, like Morraco and Alabama.

As for being homesick, I am just listing the things I can't wait to have when I get back home! The little comforts I never imagined missing, like oh I dunno -- a shower towel! I forgot to pack mine, and all they use here are what Americans use as medium-size towels (larger than hand, smaller than bath.) After two weeks of being tired of using that, I decided to go buy a large one at the semi-near by version of Walmart (Lotte Mart. "Low-*T*ay", hard emphasis on the T so it almost sounds like a D.) The Korean group mentality of course meant I had three guides, which I completely appreciated cause its fun to talk with them. Especially since they're curious about coming to America in the fall. But eventually I bought it, 10 bux... but I have a towel the size i wanted! Woohoo for creature comforts.

'Asian-style Andrew' happy with his towel.

Now, the reason I wrote this particular entry, to list things I want to do when I come back to America. Eat Wendy's, Arbies, the corned beef place in Bedford, Orange and White Soup, no rice for a month X_X, steak, fried chicken, um... pizza with pepperoni and black olives! Hot wings and ranch! As for things to do, I wanna watch... darn, I forgot the movies I started listing that I want to watch. Oh, Jurassic Park is one of them -- I'll watch that with a nice big tub'a KFC! WOO! Make a night out of that. :( food in Korea is too vegtable based, I'm used to a high fat and protein diet. Oh crud, whats my favorite pop. I CAN'T REMEMBER! ALL THEY DRINK HERE IS WATER xO is it Pepsi? Sierra Mist? Rootbeer!? OH GAWWWD NOOO! ... I think it's Pepsi. But the Pepsi here tastes bad, I think its made with real sug-- I MISS BLOOD ORANGE SODA!

Andrew! Get ahold of yourself, your going to let the Home Sickness take over. I'm really not all that bad when I'm not literally listing what I miss. Mmm, creme soda's good too. Oh, I remember now, the movies are Mulan and Kill Bill.

Language barrier of the Day: Explaining what air quotes are. And the rules of football, never having played football, that was interesting.

Korean phrase of the day:
Kok-tchong muh-say-yo (Kok-chong me-se-yo) -- Don't Worry!

Song of the Day: "New Divide" by Linkin Park. The theme for Transformers 2, at some point in the credits they credited Linkin Park more than the average theme-band is credited. I think the creaters of this movie just like Linkin Park and have them do all the music, cause they had some good song for the first one. :/ I dunno, all of Linkin Park's songs sound EXACTLY the same. It probably doesn't help that like, 3 of there singles really are the same song remixed years apart for some reason.

Quote of the day: Haha, this is from the Korean phrase website I got the above 'Don't Worry' from, its totally true too.
"Bless you (when you are sneezing) --- --- (No reaction, as if nothing happened.)"

[Kyu-Hun goes off]
Me: "Where's he going?"
Van der Kamp: "He has to call his, uh, girlfriend. Haha, like I said, 'Single Is Best.'"

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KimSatola said...

Aw Andrew. You will be home soon enough. I say that one weekend before it gets cold we take a road trip somewhere. We can just find like a really cheap hotel! Or we can try and use Kayla's mom's van so that we can sleep in it, and just take turns driving. No where special, just maybe to the beach somewhere. Carolina? Or maybe just to West Virginia to get some Sweet Tea. Anyways. SOMEWHERE!! I am off all weekends except like 1 this semester, so we need to take advantage of that!