Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foreign Policy

:( the programs almost over! Today was our last day of class, tomorrow is the final and going away party. I've made great friends from around the world here, and I hope sincerely we stay in touch after the program is over!

Those are the flags of all the countries represented in the program. It's been a blast, and the friends I've made are excellent people I hope to stay in touch with and contact and even visit in the future!

So, the morning class was ~boring~ as always. The afternoon class was awesome! "Prepare for a debate on North Korea." I studied up some, but not as much as I should have. None the less, the time came and we went to Ulsan City Hall, and met with the Vice-Mayor (a post we don't have in most American cities.) He did his schpeal, showed us a promotional video of Ulsan, and then it was off to the City Council chambers. In there, we had a mock-debate sort of. We all randomly selected Dion as speaker, who went up to the big shiney podium. Then when it came time for the first person to go up and speak "their opinion on North Korea" I tried to get James to go, cause he and Mariel have such strong educated stances on the issue. Dion seeing this, announced "I see Andrew's hand up..."Ahhh, my first stance came off a little strong - suggesting a trade embargo against N. Korea, which isn't necessarily the extent of what I believe, but its a hard topic. I ended up probably being the person that went up there most, if not I was def in the top 3. My first couple attempts weren't very organized, but my last speech I think carried alot of wait and I was complimented and thanked for it later for the "logical back-me-up". I noted the Mutually-Assured Destruction policy, and the necessity of "police" nations to be allowed nuclear weapons to keep the crazy-rogues from taking over the world. I did very well actually, and even name-dropped Hillary Clinton (haha, which a friend noted "had to throw in Hillary didn't you...") though I did accidently call Canada a nuclear power (when it's not) I don't remember doing it in the logical argument in my head, so I think I just mispoke and meant to say Russia.

Continuing the tradition of posting the pictures I don't want on facebook, on here, here are the bad pictures taken of me speaking in the Ulsan City Council chambers. The top one you can see my roommate Kyu-hun in the background. Flattering, I know.
And one last bit of interesting news: Hillary is getting into a war of words with North Korea! She recently compared their behavior to being rambunctious children trying to get attention. They in turn refered to her as a "funny lady" who is "not at all intelligent." arr@north koreans. I was originally going to get into this more, but I'm not as enthusiastic about it as I was the other day.

Picture of the Day: Haha, this made me smirk, MSNBC News. Got from "All Things Hillary."
Quote of the Day: Haha, random thing I found on the internet. It's an article in The New York Times saying how the conventions were the most watched ever, and actually got the same ratings as a TV hit show. The interviewed mention why they think this is true, saying how it's got all the aspects of a real compelling TV show (the election season, that is.)

(re: Lieberman's switch to supporting McCain) “That would be what we call the end-of-the-season arc reveal,” said Rachel Kaplan, the head of scripted television at BermanBraun Productions. “The person you were following was really working on the other side,” she continued, adding, “It’s great television.”

...“this character showed up out of nowhere. Whether you’re left, right or middle, you want to know, Who is this mystery woman from Alaska?” Haha, a character the fans loved to hate...

“The only thing that’s scary in the end is the outcome is going to affect life as we know it on this planet.”

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