Monday, May 4, 2009

Final-ly: Wasabi!

Now that I have your attention. Haha, so I google image-searched "Funny image" and that is the second image that came up. I just like starting blogs with images, but it seems they always get pushed back till later. Random, I know, but eh, whatdyagonna do? ps: wtf!?@pic btw, lol.

So had an awesome week+weekend, party at Kayla's was fun, Saturday hanging with the gang and visitor from Rio Jason was fun, went to the end of the year barbecue at the Kent State's Kiwanians house with Jen, Jason, Kayla and Sarah. Then Sunday was fun, got to FINALLY eat at the infamous "Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse" and unfortunately, it was kinda disappointing. The show was awesome, and the service was great (except for the waitress who I pissed off by being knowledgeable about Japanese things!) but the food was only average IMO. I would prefer cheap, next-to-Dave's Chinese food over them by far. But definitely something to do on special occasions :) Great way to have a last weekly Gang Dinner before finals week ends the year.

Something I never thought I'd see: I saw wild Chickens this weekend! Wild! Not on like a farm, like running across the stre- OMG! I SAW A CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD! OMFG! Actually I didn't, but based on their trajectory they must have just crossed the road before when I saw them. Yeah, that was my weekend -- lol.

Random factoid: There are Franklin counties in 24 different states, the most populous one being in Ohio (the location of Columbus.) All but Franklin County, Idaho are named after Benjamin Franklin. Another random factoid, if I tilt my labtop I can see which keys are starting to get worn down after two years of use... and its basically all of them (which surprises me) except for the X and Q keys (which doesn't surprise me at all.)

And the whenever-I-feel-like-it Driving Award goes to -- Jason! of the University of Rio Grande, for driving all the way up to Akron twice in one week (for the end of the year banquet, and then again to hang out at Kayla's party.) It's unfortunate life in Rio is boring, but we're always glad to have you come visit us up here!

Song of the Day: "It Happens" by Sugarland. Haha, having done a backcheck the other day, I do believe this is the first country song on this blog's history of "Song of the Day"s. But this song came on on the way back from Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse and Sarah noted part of it reminded her of me: the "Pssh - it Happens" part near the beginning and end I guess, and I realized that I say "Pssh" alot, and apparently the gang all say it more (though not solely) because of me. Which I thought was interesting - lol.

Quote of the Day: I don't remember the precise wording unfortunately, but while flipping through channels earlier today (I actually watched normal television for once in a long time) I caught "Bridezilla." On it, two bi*chy brides were complaining about how their wedding days were ruined by one thing or another. The announcer/voice over at one point was what I imagine is a very perky and happy host:
"Tanya, realizing her self-managed wedding is turning into a disaster, goes into the bathroom to let loose a few tears!" - Really happy, perky announcer.
Aw, I felt a little bad, but the announcer didn't have to seem so excited about it, lol.

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Stacy said...

Yup, that image got my attention, no question there, but I was pleasantly surprised the post underneath wasn't all about how-to-use-a-blowup-doll. Heh.

BTW, I found your site through "All Things Hillary" (I love that site!) and I agree-- pantsuits and foreign policy are a good mix ;)

If you ever get a chance, or the inclination, check out my Clinton/foreign policy blog sometime-

I just started the site about a month ago but finally have enough stuff up to be interesting (hopefully) to Hillary fans and foreign policy junkies

Take care!