Friday, May 1, 2009


*Cough cough Cough* Darn, I'm not over this swine flu yet. (Do I Have Swine Flu? .org) So one class left of my year, woop wooP! History Absolution to Revolution with Graham. This should be a short, simple class too - we'll find out if we have to take the final or if we can skip it (the teacher is going to North Carolina for his sons graduation, and doesn't want the TA to have too much work cause he has to grade them all in like 2 days - lol.) So yay potentially no final in that class!

And in honor of the end of the semester, Kayla's roommate Cory is having a party woopwoop! I just hope Buzzkill (aka: Dexter) doesn't make this one too stressful.

And traditionally on today and January 25th I try to be more solemn in rememberance of my dad, because today would be his birthday. (51st I believe.) And on that note, I think I'll share some DeF. family story...

For generations, DeF.'s have been barbecuers. Particularly dad and grandpa (d. 1981) - who would barbecue even in the winters of Ohio (where mom says my resistance to cold weather comes from.) In such tradition (and cause I've always wanted to learn to barbecue) every year I try to redo our backyard to re-pave the part by the door into a porch so we can have one of those fancy barbecues, and a fancy table/umbrella thing. Every year, things come up :(

Or the first time dad apparently took his first car out for a drive (c. early 70's) he stopped to miss a squirrel or small animal and hit a tree or a car or something. Which apparently led to my Grandpa's sagest advice (like, when people said "As my Aunt Martha always said..." -- this is the always said for grandpa) "DON'T. Stop! For ANIMALS!" Apparently various other uncles had the same problem, and wrecked cars.

Quote of the Day:
"Q. What is contain it everything?
A. Wisdom."
- my fortune cookie last night. WtH?

Song of the Day: "Trainwreck" by 3Oh!3. Because after complaining they only had one good song, ... no, this songs pretty bad too.

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