Monday, February 9, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

Okay, I've kinda pieced this together between classes all day. But yes, another week is here, this one ends with Friday the 13th -- my birthday! I'm not particularly excited though, we're not really doing anything for it at home or at college :/ ugh, I wish my family celebrated things. So I'm about to head to my history class, but I've found this "Learn Korean" thing on youtube I'm gonna try to utilize. This could prove interesting, I hope.

Birthday List Continued:
5. A Barley House Hoodie - 25$ - very cool! T-shirt? Eh, not particularly so.

6. Applewood Books - So, available at Barnes and Noble and certain Government stores (also online) [Note: Not Borders...] are a series of, in my opinion, cool little leather-bound-y-looking books on important things in Government. I already own the U.S. Constitution (autographed by Hillary Clinton n.n!) and the Declaration of Independence. But there are some other books in the series I would find interesting and like to have in my possession :D Like the Jefferson Bible - or the new testament, edited by Thomas Jefferson to remove the "magic/miracles" and make Jesus out to be really just a philospher and good-doer. Or Common Sense by Thomas Paine. You'll note these particular versions are cooler than say, a paper back or something - as most of these are actually in the public domain.

So watching The Wizard of Oz the other day was a ton of fun, I'm so glad my TV can offer itself to movie parties finally. We actually watched it because earlier in the evening we had this great conversation:

Quote of the Day:
"Would you have to? Morally?" - Mike
"Ethically?" - Sarah P.
"Spiritually,... physically..." - Me
"positively,... absolutely" - Patsy
"Undeniably, and reliably deeaaaad!" - Me & Patsy, followed by laughter fit and some strange/confused looks.

Image of the Day: Hahaha, this image entertains me. Makes me think of how I have a button-up shirt of almost every color, in fact, I've been inspired to make a collage of me-pictures like this one day. It's on my list of things to do.

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