Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm not a Its 4 am

For my good friend Kayla, I would gladly pick up a 4-8 am shift so she may have some fun, especially when I think of how bad her birthday party went. But I am so not a 4am-8am person x_x although I did sleep from 10:30-3, so thats like, 5.5 hours. We'll see, but Thursdays are my crazy-crazy bad busy days, cause I have the most classes and work today. Oh, but I don't work Thursday nights anymore so I'll get to go to bed early. Thats nice.

So I bought Grand Theft Auto III and Minority Report for PS2 - and I don't remember how to play either of them, lol. I can't figure out how to get a mission on GTA, and I couldn't figure out how to use weapons or find where I was supposed to go in the brief period I was playing MR. But horray, bought more PS2 games!

I'm fairly excited to be getting a house next year, which will hopefully go well, I'm thinking it will. The only trepidation I'm feeling is likely over the change from the security of the dorms. Cause I will bust'a foo' they tryta steal my beautiful TV...

Oh! And I was elected President of Circle K for 2009-2010 :D Thank you everyone, I could not have done this without your support, and with your continued help, I look forward to making the Akron Circle K club an even more fun and exciting club to be in! Oh man, I'm going to be a politics-nerd with this whenever I can. Like instead of officers, I'm def calling them my cabinet. Unless I decide thats a bad idea, but I like cabinet so much more!

Funny shi* of the day: Antiques Roadshow: 2505. This is mild-lols, I think the link that sent me to it made it funnier than it was, but it wasn't bad. Worth watching.

Quote of the Day: "BUNNIES! BUNNIES IT MUST BE BUNNIEEEEES! ....or maybe midgets!" - First song/housemate moment I've had with Kat. Me and Patsy have had these a bunch, but this is the first one with Kat - yay! lol.

I also love that Patsy bookmarked and favorited my blog because I'm ridiculous, but I don't remember her exact words which had me cracking up on the inside for the rest of the night. Also that Gomez loved the Pantsuit-rainbow! What a great meeting that was!!!

Song of the Day: "If U Seek Amy" by Britney Spears. This was on the radio when me and Kayla went to the O.G., and I'd never heard it but I like it. Proof that, as SNLHillary implied, Britney Spears would rise again! Hahaha, I love that quote so much... Oh, so reading the lyrics, this line is pretty bad gramatically speaking: "All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy."

Oh shi*! So writing that, I considered it probably means something else -- then I read the youtube comment by poisonbaberox: "dude! it took me foreeveerr to figure out what she meant!
SOOO CLEVER !" So now I can't do my homework till I figure out what it means.

*UPDATE!* Oh! I GET IT! Okay, if you don't want this spoiled don't read the rest of this paragraph but I can't imagine why you wouldn't (?) If You Seek Amy, pronounce the words as letters and the sentence (ending with "me") will make sense in context.

*NEW!* House-perk of the day: Trinket shelves! That's right, the place we selected has these trinket shelves that go around the room, and I don't know if I have the kind of trinkets that it would best be served by. Hm, I shall consider.


Patsy said...

The trinket shelves are the best part!!!

Lets go to a flea market this summer to ensure we have enough trinkets to fill them!

Mike said...

Haha. I concur. Flea markets FTW!