Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Hahaha, oh man I'm a hoot. No, but really, Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Though, I am quite aware I am single once again on my birthday and this blasted holiday. A fact Patsy so happily pointed out by pointing to all the Valentine's Day decorations we encountered today. (jk Patsy)

So, today was fun but also not. There was some downsides that drove me crazy, I got my security deposit on the house all set up nicely, and there was shopping and Chinese food and v**ina's and it was great! The V**ina monologues was so awkward, but so funny, lol. Not always for the reason it was trying to be.

For anyone still confused by my last post, If You Seek Amy is pronounced "F-U-[See]-K me." Sorry I'm a prude about language on my blog, just the way I am :/

But yes, as far as Birthdays go, this continues on ones that will annoy me - but there were alot of good points that I'm glad happened and I have great friends that I would not trade for the world :D

Quote of the Day:
"My grandpa can fit through anything!" -Me, referring to his risky driving.
"That's what she said!" - Kayla.

*following conversation proceeds to explore the likely hood of girlfriends saying that to their boyfriends. Turns out, no, it wasn't what she said.*

House-perk of the Day: There is no flooded basement. Having grown up in a house where the basement has not been remodeled since the Roosevelt administration, let I can't tell you how annoying flooded basements are. I once bought a shirt that looks like blue/white graph paper, wore it once, and the dirty water from my stupid basement stained it ugly! Luckily, the same shirt was soon on sale and I bought a replacement. Also, wet basements = cockroaches, and mice. We've never had a cockroach problem, but we had a mouse once! Though this may not have been in relation to the basement, we think Kim's piano may have brought it in. And a *lot* of christmas wrapping paper has been lost to the floods of my basement back home. And even though our new house does not have a basement, this is better than having a damp/mildewy/soggy/flooded basement.

Song of the Day: "Nine in the Afternoon" - Panic! at the Disco. No reason, just a song that comes up on my Pandora sometimes that I like. And I like the phrase.

Friend of the Day: Jen! Because she's the only friend who actually got me a gift for me on my Birthday, and delivered it to my desk in the middle of the night, coolest thing of the day! So let me tell you something about Jen. So, and I hope she doesn't take this as an insult because I'm quite fond of her delivering me brownies right now - but she's always struck me as very much a combination of two fictional characters...

Only not as crazy as Bree, and her moms not like Lorelei. These are good qualities though. And I felt like making that graphic. So in closing, remember folks -- never loan more money than you can afford to lose to friends! Especially if you think they may be scamming you. Just a public service announcement of the Judge-Judaic sort. Happy Birthday me, turning 20 -- and Happy Valentines Day to all the amazing girl -just-friends in my life, I appreciate you all more than you know :)

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