Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Busy Sort of President's Day

Happy sort'v-President's Day!

(Haha, ya get it? Okay, enough with the holiday photo-puns.) So I was about to write "what a great weekend" but today's Tuesday! So in the crazy-University of Akron universe, we got Tuesday off for President's day (which was Monday?) so got to hang and party with the gang! Which was tons of fun, as always, I love my friends. Never a dull moment, particularly the dull moments are full of excitement.

So it's not really that nothing happened since my last post, just that I don't feel like posting about it. I've def told the crazy story of my family and the "we're not following the instructions" like a dozen times, but if you want to hear it again I'll reenact it in person for you.

But yes, hung with Sarah and Kayla last night which was a bunch of fun. This morning worked 8-10am which was not :( then napped for 2 hours. Then the three of us + patsy, mike, kim, ross and jacob all went and got Swenson's which we so rarely do. Then we got a temps renewed, stopped by Patsy's house, and got some mall-perusin in. And then a couple games of "Dirty Minds" at Kims, then dinner at Barley House. Non-stop excitement!

Now I'm at work again, kinda tired, and I just want to go to bed. Listening to not so good radio music. Maybe I'll switch to Pandora soon.

Some excellent things that happened today: Mike got shushed equal to or more than 2 times at the DMV (oh - excuse me, BMV.) I stole Sarah's car temporarily. Funny rejection at the bar, and later a chase scene. Rather than Building a Bear, we Created a Camel, Adorned an Aardvark, and Made a Monkey. And a bunch of critiquing the clothes at the mall.

Some things I need to get done still this week: DCON stuff straightened out, Spring Break trip straightened out, and I don't know. Other things I think.

Quote of the Day:

Song of the Day: "Untouched" by The Veronicas. Haven't quite looked into the lyrics, meaning, music video, or wiki article for this song yet - but I like it.

Anticipated Movie of the Day:
I Love You, Man -Haha, oh the reaction I got from my friends on New Years when we all first saw a preview for this was priceless. Expected release date, March 20, 2009. Oh, that's coming up suprisingly fast.

House perk of the Day: Not living with my CRAZY FAMILY! >O and not having to worry about toasters being left on the coffee table...

Punctuation of the Day: Ampersand [&] , because I now know what the "an' " symbol is called. So, in the category of words I pronounce different than everyone else -- I pronounce "&" as "an" but I use it to mean "and", I don't know why I do this. ps: Mike bought a decorative ampersand today at Carlton cards that was 90% off (as were all the cards there, which I bought 50$ worth of for only 4+$!)

Facebook Bumpersticker of the Day:

Now that I've posted the one above, I like this other one way better:rofl.


Jennifer said...

I can't believe you wrote a whole update and didn't mention Corey even once....

take a guess ... said...

YAY AMPERSANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!