Friday, January 30, 2009

There was a BLOG here, it's gone now.

Yo readers. So today was a bit'a fun - bought me a PS2! Yes, you're thinking "so what?" But not having a major system in so long has been draining my youthful vigor, and what is a college student without one? Also, I now have a DVD player so *Yes!* Cause that TV deserves a good movie night or two.

Can I just say that -- the phrase "Google Gadget" bring a grin to my face. It has something to do with things Google can do I guess, but it makes me think of inspector gadget immediately.

Now as ya'll will know, my birthday is coming up this February. So I compiled a list of some things I want. Not particularly what I expect my friends to get me, just a thought exercise of some items I feel like getting/buying in the months ahead.

Birthday Wish List!
  1. Any Spryo game that isn't "Enter the Dragonfly"!!! (Which is one of the only games I have left at home.) The Spyro's are really pretty much some of the best games ever! And this way, next winter break, I can play them at home and feel all warm and happy inside n.n I don't know why but my happiest feeling of a past winter break was just sitting next to my heater playing spyro.
  2. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Movie, Special Edition DVD. Not the older one, the new special one surely with some uber-fangled special features. Cover featured below. Available on Amazon for about 15$. As I've found, however, MST3k is hard to find in store :/ Best advice to ya, try to match the cover.
  3. Most importantly -- avoid getting me clothes! Unless you cannot control yourself in buying me an article to wear, try to restrain yourself. I am not a big fan of my friends buying me clothes, nor myself buying clothes for my friends. There are to many variables - liking it, fitting, right store, already having it [this means you amanda!] and then of course there's the you have to wear it more often around the person that bought it for you. And you can't stop wearing it, even if you don't like it any more, for quite some time! So if you can, avoid clothes. But if you can't, American Eagle giftcard is fine. And maby Aeropostal, i find stuff there occasionally. And maybe Hollister, I find stuff there eventually but their just so expencive. NO, however, Abercrombie please. For reasons beyond explaining, I associate what everyone else associates with the other stores and Aber. to just Aber. and they tend to annoy me. The following picture - taken from their website/walls in store - does not make sense as an attempt to sell clothing!!!!
Actually, ya know what, I can't think of much else so I'm going to make this a several-blog installment. This should do as a start though, thank for reading, thankyou comeagain!

Most annoying mispronunciation of the Day: Louisville, Kentucky => "Loo-ih/vull" - CNN reporter

Anticipated Movie of the Day: Silent Hill 2. So, the Silent Hill games (1-3, particularly.) are pretty much my favorite games ever. And when I saw they were making a movie, I had rejoyced! Finally, such a great game comes to the big screen. But they screwed it up royally - and the movie is actually really annoying. (eh, its alright i guess - but it makes it much more unecessarially confusing.) Well, despite the first movie being bad -- they're looking into making a sequel! Interestingly, I bought Silent Hill 2 the game (came out in I dunno, '03?) today along with my PS2. n.n

Quote of the Day: " ...Pepsi, who apparently, is now the new Official soft drink - of Hope." - Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report

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