Monday, January 26, 2009

"But Soon Comes Mister Night..."

Well, Kayla had her 21st Birthday on 1/23/2009 - and it was interesting, definitely. A bunch of the Garfield people came, and a couple Akron Circle K'rs too, and some of Jesse's friends. Best Birthday wishes to Kayla, I truly hope this year and all future ones are blessed with happier and less stressful moments than those that filled her party. :/

My passport seems to have come in, at least I hope so. Even though I work 12-4am tonight, I'll be waking up at 8:30am to welcome mom with a dozen packages - mostly text books. One of which I should have a chapter read by my 11:00 class, so maybe I'll get some redbull, haven't had any since last semester. Though I hate having redbull on an empty stomach, and I never have breakfast, I just seem to have lost my appetite lately. Redbull on an empty stomach just causes me to have this weird kinda shake that can't be healthy. Though, redbull-less, I'm kinda going through that lately too.

So I have so much to say to some people, but don't want some people to know what I'm thinking, and it is the nature of the internet that the people you want to tell something to won't get it, and the people you don't want in the loop to find out sooner or later. So there's really nothing to say :(

It's such an awful feeling to think you're doing everything right, and still fail at something.

I just hope things get better soon. Or ya know, stop getting worse.

Song of the Day:

"Mr. Blue Sky" - Electric Light Orchestra. This was played early in the movie "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" and I think I'd heard it a couple times before, sounds interesting. And now its been kinda stuck in my head all day. Has an interesting message, at least that I'm getting out of it, about asking why the beautiful blue skies would go away.
"Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long
Where did we go wrong?"

Quote of the Day:
It breaks your heart to see the one you love is happy with someone else, but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you." - Website.

Anticipated Movie of the Day:
"Dragonball Evolution" coming to theaters April 8, 2009. A live action, white people Dragonball Z movie. Now, I was not at all a DBZ fan, and I don't know anything about the franchise at all - but this looks at least moderatly interseting. And Amanda thinks its gonna be Bad-Hilarious. So it's win-win, gotta see it!

Occasional-When-I-Feel-Like-It Driving Award goes to:
Allison, for driving us all to and from Washington D.C. and no one fought :D or hit anything. It was a very fun trip actually, and I got to fraternize with my fellow college dems

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