Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm B-akron!

Well, sorry readers I haven't posted all break. Trust me, I tried, desperately, but at home I have dial-up and for some reason as of break, Dial up became crappier than ever before. Facebook, my google account, credit card sites, online banking, even Akron Email all no longer worked! WTF! But rest assured, I will try to blog more now that I am back.

So it's been a pretty interesting break! I GoT MY LICENSE! WOOP WOOP! HELL YEAH! Best feeling of accomplishment ever. And I applied for a passport for my Korea aspirations this July n.n should be here by my Birthday in February. And some little things here and there that don't immediately come to mind.

Some Good Quotes of Break:
"Don't worry you can still come in second. I mean, last." - Sean, Sarah's brother, to Sarah (Re:Racing game, lol)

"...within the margarine of error..." - Mom

"NO, NO, Andrew! Push me AND SPIN ME!" - Sarah while we were sledding at midnight, but her phone called Kenny on its own and left this rather odd voicemail.

Some Good Moments of Break:
* Kim and Ross getting engaged on New Years :]

Song of the Day:

"Who I am Hates Who I've Been", Reliant K

Parody of the Day:
Santa Claus, 24 version. AHhahahaha, thats kinda funny. The 24 style is so overdramatic. And their theme is my new txt sound cause I got way to tired of hearing the Indiana Jones ringtone. Also kudos to, an AMAZING website for cellphone ringtones! I should get paid for that spot. Darn, I'm gonna miss 24 tonight cause I'll be in class for half of it. Oh well, I'll watch it on Hulu at work tomorrow night.

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