Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"God send me an angel from the heavens above..."

I'm not gonna lie -- aside from ya know, the constant unhappiness and despair, I've been in a Musical mood lately. (Not a mood that is musical, but the mood for musicals)

Woo, as Jon Stewart just put it: "It's our one week anniversary with Barack Obaaamaaa!" So I have work tonight, 12 - 4am. Gotta... hm, Historical Methods homework redo, write a paper for US History to 1877, and probably a bunch of reading I *should...* do.

BTW - people who actually read this, comment, or vote on the job thing on the left so I know you're here creepers! I'd like to know my friends care, even if this is such a successful thought exercise.

Fantastic Amazing Thing of the Day: This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know about you, but whenever I think about Disney anything, I think about how cool it would be if in real life people just broke into a song. And I'm not talking about a group of people singing Fergalicious, I'm talking about an elaborate situation-specific song and dance routine! They had a Buffy episode about it, which I found hilarious. Well... just watch this! Lol.

Happy Song of the Day:
"Happy Working Song" - Enchanted. Lol, this was a good Disney movie, I'm not gonna lie. And it probably helped win this category by being happy even in the title.

Most Situation Appropriate Song of the Day:
"God Send Me An Angel" - Amanda Perez. *reads lyrics* Dang, again, full 10 for 10 on hitting category name.

Quote of the Day:
"Still.... as long as I am here,
I guess a new expeer-
ience could be, worth trying!"

I dunno, something about the naive innocence but optimistic outlook of this makes me smile a tiny bit.

Anticipated Movie of the Day:

"A Night in the Museum 2: Battle for the Smithsonian" - Ohemgee - Robin Williams returns as Teddy Roosevelt! Seriously, go watch this preview. And its got Brit's favorite hottie - Abe Lincoln in probably the funniest line of the preview. btw - Amy Adams (Giselle from Enchanted, see above; and Amelia Earhart from this preview), Hot.

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Jennifer said...

I'm here =) Glad to see you're updating often again. You have soooo many categories now. Eeks!