Friday, December 12, 2008

Break Plans

Woo! Break is almost here, with the exception of a Microeconomics final I'm severely dreading. So I thought I'd post the plans I'm considering for over break:

1.) Saturday, celebrate Chinese New Years with Grandpa and his Tai chi class. I try to go to this every year, grandpa's allowed to bring a guest and they all remember me from when I went and visited their class back when I was like 7! Though this time its during the day, and at a Thai restaurant, hrmm.

2.) Read Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope which mom bought me for 2005 Christmas. It looks nice on my book shelf, but like many of those books, I really do mean to get around to reading them.

3.) Party with the gang, which seems to include returning to Akron a sure-heck-of-a-lot.

4.) This weekend, Christmas-up the house! After the Saturday night uber-cleaning (u.u; why can't my family clean on their own...) I'll put up all the Christmas decorations, and maybe even get the tree - or maybe go Sunday. We'll see, but Christmas stuff- yay! (Real tree btw)

5.) Other than that, I sure would like to relax some. At the same time, I don't wanna be sitting around bored too much either. I dunno, I'll see what I do. Also, catch up on just watching some DVDs - like I haven't had a good Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon in a long time - and Sarah wants to watch it.

Quote of the Day:
"Letsa start this from the scratch..." - Asian-American student narrating Microeconomics study Youtube video.

Quote of the Day (2):
"Getting into the history books is easy, writing the history books, now that's hard..." - I have to take Historical Methods next semester :(

Song of the Day:
"Shattered (Turn the Car Around)" by O.A.R. I've had this song stuck in my head (only a small part of it, too small even to google and figure out what song it was!) and I thought the lyrics were something about "my shadow" it's actually "and not shatter" I guess. Still a good song.

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